Smaller schools are the solution

They will never stop a lot of “big shots and big wigs.” Love them so they can “feather their nest.”

It use to be an honor to serve our country. Not now, look out, “there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Our New York state Thruway was supposed to be paid for by dues. What a mess. The day the bridge fell in, the people who drown, I knew. My son also went over it that day. How many others?

Eisenhower signed for our interstates, another mess. Now we can drive from one coast to another and not see a thing. The crashes are bigger, more speed and more pavement. He must have been drunk.

Back to our school taxes — how will you vote? We are all in a trap. A lot of [people I know] are in the schools so I have to go.

My opinion is don’t crowd too many people together or they will fight. We don’t need pre-K or even kindergarten for that matter — all that we use to learn in first grade. Why not now?

Our children need more chores to do around the house. We all had to work and a lot of us milked the cow.

This electronic age only teaches them how to push buttons.

I’m all for smaller schools, reason stated earlier in this letter.




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