Praise the Lord’ should be applied to everyday life

Baruch HaShem. It means in Jewish language “praise the Lord.” Applied to every day life, we wake up from a night’s sleep with a celebration of a new day. We have breath in our lungs and our heart is circulating blood through our arteries and veins. From a scriptural standpoint, we can praise the Lord for a number of reasons. Let’s explore these reasons.

1. God is in control. No matter how chaotic things appear to be, God is in the center of our crisis and controls the outcomes.

2. God is the creator. The earth — the land, sea, bodies of water and all creatures were created by God. If evolution were a fact, the world would be disorganized.

3. God suffered on a cross. At the cross, God took on our old sin nature and in exchange gave us his righteousness.

4. God bore our sings at his crucifixion. God shed his blood on the cross to:

A. Ransom man from sin.

B. Reconcile men to God.

C. Redeem men from curse of the law.

5. God redeemed us from the law’s curse. Men are not under the law, but under grace and as such we have no license to sin. The law having been fulfilled at the cross means love is fulfillment of the law.

6. Men enter a relationship with God by an act of confession. Confession is an act of agreeing with God our sins violated his ordinances. The angels burst out in praise over one sinner who repents.

Baruch HaShem. God through his son, Jesus Christ has made men who receive him by faith joint heirs with him, the creator and sustainer of life. Baruch HaShem — men would still be dead in their trespasses and sins if God had not gone to Calvary.