America can be totally carbon-free in energy arena

Daily we hear politicians touting green plans to save the planet by banning things like hair spray, plastic bags and plastic straws. Good for sound bites in the media maybe but not doing much for the people or the planet.

It is time to get serious about the carbon emissions in the USA and to rely more on nuclear power sources.

Nuclear plants feature carbon free emissions. They are reliable in the extreme winter, hottest summer, when there is no sun/wind. Each plant employs about 600 to 700 people. These employees also spend money in the communities and pay taxes — a good unintended result.

Currently 98 plants account for 20 percent of the USS grid power requirements. About 400 more plants would power the entire USA grid.

Current USA power sources include — natural gas, 32 percent; coal, 30 percent; nukes, 20 percent; hydro, seven percent; wind, six percent; biomass, two percent; solar, one percent.

America can be totally carbon free in the energy arena in a relatively short period of time if the politicking stops and the real solutions are put into effect.

Former teacher, coach and AD at Gloversville High School.


Slingerlands, Albany County


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