Who really are the Democrats?

They were the party that supported, backed and were members of the KKK. There were the party that backed and still support Planned Parenthood, even though their founder set it up to restrict the number of black babies being born in this country. Now they even support and have passed laws in some states to abort up until birth and even after birth.

The Clinton administration passed the toughest drug laws that incarcerated 1,000s of black people (even for minor offenses). They passed the low income mortgage loans (and forced banks to give them) to unqualified people that almost bankrupted the country. Yet Bush was blamed.

They have for years controlled some of the country’s biggest cities and have not helped the low income or poverty stricken people. Because they want to make them dependent on them and not on themselves. They bow to the lobbyists and unions, which in turn overspends on education, housing, infrastructure. While at the same time against charter schools that have been proven to give a better education.

Now they are for: open borders, sanctuary cities, legalizing pot, free college education, a bill in this state to legalize prostitution, free health care, $15 minimum wage (yet controlling tips for waitresses and waiters). And giving illegal immigrants driver licenses, free housing, food, education, healthcare and even the possibility to vote.

Now they and especially the far left are against: Capitalism, borders, tariffs, law enforcement, police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (laws that were passed in Congress) voter identification, the USA being energy independent, believing and trusting in God, orals, ethics, values, freedoms, liberties and the Constitution as written.

When the politicians, the people and the media can’t come together for the good of this country, we will fall just like every other great empire because of power, greed and the loss of morals, ethics and values.

God bless America