Water Board should consider hiring in house

On March 11, I made a presentation to the city of Johnstown’s Water Board. The topic was their beginning the process to hire a water superintendent.

My presentation was to ask the Water Board to seriously consider hiring “in house.” Section C-6.2. titled “water superintendent”of the city charter states “the board may contract with the city for such services.”

The draft proposal calls for a three year contract. The Leader-Herald article of March 12, indicated a salary of $60,000 per year. Now multiply that by three.

At the present time, our city engineer’s are more than qualified to oversee and manage the functions of the water department. Since they are already city employees placing them in that position would incur no additional costs to either the city or the water department.

I see no reason the taxpayers of Johnstown should be asked to pay the costs of hiring an outsider when “free help” is available.

I am doing my best to keep the cost of running the city down to ease the burden on the taxpayers. To add another expense doesn’t make it any easier.

I am asking the residents of Johnstown and those outside the city who pay for our water to contact the water board members and urge them to look “in house” first to fill this position. Their telephone number is (518) 736-4027 and their mailing address is: City of Johnstown Water Department, 41 E. Main St., Johnstown, N.Y. 12095.

Thank you.


City mayor