State budget, as it stands, will hurt local taxpayers

The state budget currently being negotiated by state lawmakers will be a real negative for local taxpayers.

It includes the Internet Fairness Act, which will require New Yorkers to pay sales taxes on more of their online purchases. At the same time, it takes the local share of those tax revenues and devotes it to programs in the state budget.

This proposal by the governor creates a new mandate for county property taxpayers to replace $60 million in state cuts to towns and villages all around the state. It also mandates local tax dollars for other state initiatives such as early voting, bail reform, and a new lead monitoring program.

These new mandates are on top of the nine state mandates that already consume more than $12 billion in local revenues from counties and New York City every year. These local tax dollars are taken by state leaders and spent the way that they see fit.

In Fulton County, we spend over $20 million on state mandated programs and services each year, which consumes 73 percent of the property taxes we collect.

We urge legislative leaders and the governor to demonstrate their commitment to all of our communities by rejecting the new unfunded state mandates proposed in this state budget.


Chairman of the Board

Fulton County