Individual healthcare planning, decision-making

April 16, 2019, is National Healthcare Decisions Day. In furtherance of St. Mary’s Mission and Values, particularly our respect for human dignity, we encourage individual awareness of and participation in advance healthcare planning and decision-making. Making healthcare decisions is difficult; making healthcare decisions for loved ones can be even more challenging if there has not been open discussion and understanding. Advance directives are a gift of love, enabling persons to choose an advocate and articulate their wishes in writing if they are unable to do so for themselves.

Advance Care Planning is both a challenge and a gift. Choosing who will speak for you if you are unable to do so can be a difficult decision, but the process ensures that your wishes are known and are met. What a gift you can give to family, friends and healthcare providers who only want the best for you. Your decisions will matter.

Additional resources on healthcare decisions can be found online at or or by speaking with a member of your primary care team.

SR. JOAN MARY HARTIGAN, chief mission integration officer

MICHAEL M. SHERIDAN, medical director, Palliative Care

AMY L. COURTOIES, director, Palliative Care

St. Mary’s Healthcare