Farewell to JAVAC, our local ambulance service

The closing of JAVAC is sad, but inevitable. My father, David Bowers, along with fellow community leader, Hal Warren, founded the Johnstown Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps in 1971. JAVAC was part of me and my sister, Rebecca’s family starting when I was 11, through our dad’s early passing when he was 51, and provided an honor guard at our mom’s funeral six years ago.

Today, dad’s vision guides my own work for mission-focused non-profits.

No organization lasts forever. It really doesn’t matter how important the service is, how visionary the leaders are, how adaptable the organizations is — entropy always wins. What’s important is to remember the values lived, the values delivered, and the values learned from whatever an organization was about.

To my extended JAVAC family — those who I pestered as a kid, those who I met later, those who I never met, and those who have answered their last call — thank you for your service.

Now is not the time for fussing over JAVAC closing its doors.

Now is the time to remember the good, and to continue that good in whatever way touches your heart.


Virginia Beach, Va.


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