Erroneous letter to the editor title

My letter to the editor, published in the March 22, 2019 edition of The Leader-Herald newspaper, was erroneously titled “Renegotiate the bargaining agreements and get tough.” Due to what I view as a Leader-Herald web-site issue, the title I submitted was not utilized.

I have spoken with the Managing Editor of the newspaper, Ms. Patricia Older, and expressed my concerns regarding this matter. Ms. Older was very receptive, understood my concerns and accepted responsibility for the erroneous title. She immediately changed the title of my letter on the Leader-Herald web-site and agreed to publish this follow-up letter.

The title I submitted was: “GJSD: Everyone must give for the greater good.”

We don’t need a fight. Rather, we need everyone to work together for the greater good. We are all in this together, and if we do not work together, our children and community will suffer immensely.