We must humble ourselves and forgive one another

“God is always loving and if we confess and repent, he is always willing to forgive.” Gloria Copeland “Blessed Beyond Measure.”

There is a short tale that goes somewhat like this: It is judgment day and court is in session. The prosecuting attorney is Satan and the defense attorney is Christ and God is the judge. “May I continue your honor.” “Sustained,” the judge says. “And this man committed horrible, lewd and abominable crimes,” Satan said. Turning his gaze to the defense Christ said, “My client is reconciled by the blood of the lamb.” Satan cringes at the mere mention of the blood. Turning to the jury of angels all proclaim, “Not guilty!” The judge satisfied with the verdict declares, “Case dismissed.”

As reconciled children of Christ, we have Christ’s forgiveness. We are all friends of Christ, those of us who have asked Christ for forgiveness, yet Christ loves lost people that is why he is a seeker of their souls.

1. Forgiveness brings feuding factions together.

2. Forgiveness banishes the hatred between two feuding factions.

3. Forgiveness alleviates that anger and rage feuding factions feel.

4. Forgiveness is like a balm, it soothes and eases tensions feuding factions feel.

Jesus told a parable of a righteous (self) man and a sinner. They went to the temple to pray. The self-righteous man bragged of his goodness. The sinner beat his breast and said, “God be merciful to me, a sinner.” He was forgiven not the righteous man. There are some permanent truths here:

A). Humbling ourselves before God brings forgiveness.

B). Self-righteousness is a barrier to forgiveness.

C). Self-righteousness stifles forgiveness.

We must humble ourselves and forgive one another. That is the sweet aroma of love. The portals of heaven swing wide open when unbelievers ask for Christ’s forgiveness. Imagine a world without wars, protests, fights, animosities, riots, murders, etc. It’s possible with an attitude of forgiveness. Incorporating this topic into recent events, the families who had loved ones murdered in shooting sprees can move on with their lives when they find it within their heart to forgive the assailants. Unforgiveness only leads to bitterness.