Time to change priorities, in my opinion

I would like to express my opinion on the premises of not being judged by any other person on important issues that as a citizen in a “mixed up society.” We are sending mixed messages to our children, the teachers in our local schools are tying to educate our children not to use drugs, but the governing bodies are not thinking clearly. They are pushing for the use of “recreational marijuana,” that’s just what we don’t need. Drugs get you high, stoned, wasted and cause impaired judgement which leads to intoxication and leads to driving while intoxicated. Thanks to all of our local law enforcement for they are trying to keep us safe and work very hard to enforce the law. Their jobs are already complicated by all the drunk drivers and we are trying very hard to indite drug dealers that are selling drugs to our children. There have been studies done that indicate that marijuana causes memory loss and leads to use of other drugs. Remember the DARE program that was setup to discourage the use of drugs including marijuana and alcohol which gets you high or drunk, then lead to depression, a known fact.

As a father and grandfather and a registered nurse, I would like to see my family and friends to grow up in the “old fashion way,” drug free and teach our young coping mechanisms. This way they would be able to handle any situation that can hurt them and five our kids a chance to grow up in a safe and traditional way.

I also feel that our leaders will become enlightened and realize the importance of education and training of our children and workforce. Hopefully this method will improve on longevity and retention and by giving our staff members some incentive they could be more productive and less complacent.

This goal would be realized, for example, by increasing the pay scale and benefit packages that would make positions more desirable. In turn this will improve attitudes and develop a higher skill set for all involved. I know this sounds like a plea to help our local citizens and promote wellness amongst our friends and families. Wake up and do something positive for our children and all of our workforce. “If you see something, don’t ignore it, do something to promote better relationships between our locals and families and friends.

Thank you all for allowing me to express my opinion and try to encourage our friends and families to do the right and just thing. And if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours. We need to stand up and fight for better living conditions in Fulton County.

Please support Donald Trump and plans to keep drugs and terrorist out of our country. He’s right on spot. He’s the only one with common sense.