Protect your home against termites

Many people live in houses and in most cases the occupants did not build the house in which they live; somebody else built it. But just because somebody else built it does not mean that the current occupants appreciate it any less than those who built the house. Both the builder and the occupants realize that the home must be maintained. Without proper and constant maintenance that house succumbs to the ravages of time and eventually becomes unrecognizable and uninhabitable.

I think many people, if not most, would agree that termites are a verminous pest. They consume wood. In a home that is built out of wood the results can be catastrophic; the load-bearing wood is weakened to the point where the house collapses. Sometimes the termites are noticed when they are already in the house and at other times we know they are coming. Insects have a collective mentality and are relentless so the homeowner must take immediate action to guard and defend against them.

One very effective way to deal with termites is to use a mixture of boric acid and propylene glycol (aka non-toxic anti-freeze) because it is a cheap and readily available material; the non-toxic anti-freeze is used as the carrier to propel the boric acid into the wood fiber. The boric acid interferes with the termites’ metabolism and kills them. Additionally this mixture kills the rot caused by fungi, another verminous pest which is always present but only manifests itself under certain conditions.

So for those homeowners who want to protect their homes I recommend keeping a solution of boric acid and propylene glycol on hand. Use a spray gun to apply it. A solution of boric acid and propylene glycol is the proverbial magic bullet.