Neglect is going on every day in some nursing homes

I was so happy to read in the paper that a family member cared enough for a loved one in a nursing home sued for neglect.

That neglect is going on in all of the nursing homes in this area, and they all use the same excuse “we are understaffed.” That may be because too much of the cash is going for administration and the clients get the crumbs. I know a man who just came out of [one local home] who said his breakfast including the coffee was ice cold and the piece of meat they gave him for dinner was still frozen in the middle. He said I could use his name but I won’t. Now how disgusting is that? Maybe it’s time for Gov. Cuomo to filter some of that New York City mafia money our way. If he does, he would have to earmark it for new help only or it would just go for administrators and not the clients.