Life in the womb is a human life

It is indeed a sad day for New York state with the passage of the “Reproductive Health Act.” It is made even sadder as we witness the enthusiasm and celebratory attitude of its supporters upon news of its passage.

This legislation is both extreme and unnecessary in what it allows-even the killing of newborn children by simply allowing them to die by withholding care.

Mass abortion is simply the outworking of a revived hedonistic attitude which places a person’s happiness above a sacred respect for human life. Try as they might, proponents of abortion cannot refute the fact that the overwhelming majority of abortions are not done out of medical necessity.

Almost as tragic as abortion itself is the deafening silence from some of the pulpits of allegedly “Christian” churches that refuse to declare what abortion truly is — a clear and deliberate violation of the Sixth Commandment, “thou shalt not kill (murder).”

In the final analysis, abortion is an all-out attack on the precious image of God which is made known through humankind. The unborn child is a human being created in the image of God, and to deny this is to deny the authority of the Bible. It is impossible to read Psalm 139 and truly believe what it says without realizing that life in the womb is human life. It is impossible to truly believe in the incarnation and not to realize that the child conceived in Mary by the power of the holy spirit was indeed the son of God from conception.