I will stick with Capitalism, the USA and President Trump

The editorial cartoon in your Saturday edition (Dec. 29) somehow suggests that if you are 70, and you support Trump, you believe in fairy tales. I am in that category and I’m a proud, avid Trump supporter. I am also smart enough to know that he is doing an excellent job. I know this because I don’t rely on the liberal mainstream media. Our unemployment rate is at an all-time low, especially for minorities. Jobs are coming back. The stock market is doing very well, and Donald Trump is trying to keep our country safe. Perhaps if the liberals would watch stations other than ABC, CBS, NBC, and especially CNN, they would find out the real truth of what’s going on in our country.

If you want Socialism, move to Venezuela and see how it’s working for them. As for me, I will stick with Capitalism, the USA, and Donald Trump.


Fort Plain