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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, dependence on alcohol and drugs is our most serious national public health problem. Millions of Americans misuse or are dependent on alcohol or drugs. Most of them have families who suffer the consequences, often serious, of living with this illness. If there is alcohol or drug dependence in your family, remember you are not alone. Drug or alcohol dependence disorders are medical conditions that can be effectively treated. Millions of Americans and their families are in healthy recovery from this disease.

HFM Prevention Council operates a Recovery Community and Outreach Center to help prevent relapse and sustain longterm recovery. The center facilitates recovery of individuals and their families by providing a meeting location, support groups, substance-free social functions, prevention and resource/referral center for services in the area. The center also has a family support navigator. The navigator utilizes their own family addiction and recovery expertise to engage with families who have loved ones with a substance use disorder. The center focuses on building the recovery community, and providing a positive outlook for individuals seeking help with addiction and throughout the recovery process.

For more information about family services (518) 705-4626 or

DAVID FITZ SIMONS, certified recovery peer advocate

Family support navigator

Rob Constantine Recovery Outreach Center