Church is back in service

In early December, when the boiler in St. John’s Church in Johnstown, stopped working, we reached out to churches in our neighborhood, wondering if we could hold our services temporarily in their buildings. The response was immediate: of course we could. Consequently we have been able to hold all our usual services on Sunday mornings at New Covenant Community church, and we were even able to hold our Christmas Eve services, including our midnight service at the First Presbyterian Church in Johnstown.

Thank you to New Covenant Community Church congregation and to their Pastor John Murray, and thank you to the First Presbyterian Church in Johnstown, to their congregation and their minister, Rev. Leonard Sponaugle. We couldn’t have made it through this season without their help.

Programs such as Sunday NOAH meals and the Food Pantry continued as usual, even though the building was cold. Thank you to those volunteers who committed to being there despite the challenges. No one went hungry who needed food or a warm meal.

We also want to thank people who donated money to our boiler fund, to those who helped us fuel a mobile heating unit at the church which kept the pipes from freezing, and to people who have advised us, consulted with us and helped us make good decisions moving forward.

At this time of year, we teach about the true gifts of Christmas, which center on love and caretaking of others. St. John’s Church has had an extended Christmas due to the help and generosity of so many people in our community and we are thankful. How great to report such good news about our town and our community.

We extend a warm (literally!) invitation to those who would like to spend time in worship in our historic building on Sunday mornings. Church services [were] back in the church on Jan. 13. All are welcome, and we would be pleased to share our church home with you.

With thanks.


St. John’s and the St. John’s Vestry