We can all make this a better world to live in

Evil people will always find a way to achieve their purpose, no matter the measures of control set up by the world. Society can however push back against the darkness that allows this evil to thrive. We need to actively seek to change who we have become. We are desensitized to violence. We know more about celebrities than we know about our neighbors or ourselves for that matter. We pay sports players more weekly, than most people will see in a lifetime. We have stores filled with clothes and food yet all is not accessible to the community as a whole. Children go to bed hungry and scared in our own neighborhood. Animals are abandoned and ignored, abused. People all around us are lonely, sad, angry, or scared. All of us have resources to share, whether it be monetary, time, or talents. All of us can open our eyes and hearts and become a part of our neighborhoods and communities. We can make them better places to live. One day, one person, one family at a time. Hope has to start somewhere. Ignite it within yourselves.