The difference between the candidates is very clear

National Rifle Association ratings were just released and the difference between the candidates is clearer than it has ever been. Democrat Tedra Cobb received an F. Representative Stefanik received an A. Cobb received the lowest score of any Congressional candidate to ever run in the North Country, yet in her television ad she shows people hunting with rifles. She is trying to present herself as someone who will be a friend to gun owners, but she is not and that has been proven multiple times. These NRA ratings only confirm it. Elise Stefanik doesn’t try to falsely represent herself. Her positions are clear and concise. She is a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. Cobb is not.

Congresswoman Stefanik has been a great representative for Fulton County and has been a great resource for me as an elected official. She is consistently available if I have any issues that need to be addressed. Specifically, her offices help with getting veterans their deserved benefits cannot be overstated. Elise is a strong ally to gun owners and veterans. Her opponent is not. I encourage voters to re-elect Stefanik so she can continue to represent the values of our district and continue to make sure our rights and our veterans are protected.