People parking in handicapped spaces

I would like to open peoples’ eyes about handicapped people.

You can do things for yourself without help. You can walk and go to the bathroom and do everything by yourself. I have to wait for somebody to take me. But I can read peoples’ hearts.

Now we’ve all got to respect other people and the way they work.

Sometimes you park in the handicapped spaces and I need extra space to get out because I use a wheelchair. You might not have a handicapped card or a sticker. Sometimes I ride in my own van and sometimes I ride in a Lexington van. My van door opens with a back entrance. The Lexington vans open on the side. I need extra space to get out of both kinds of vans. A regular space does not give me enough room to get out.

I’m not mad but I want people to understand my situation. Thank you for reading this letter.