I am proud of Assemblyman Santabarbara and his work

Success in our endeavors is only possible through a persistent application of energy, a strong vision, and the necessary expertise deliver a solution. In this area, we are lucky to have an assemblyman who has that energy, vision, and expertise to effectively meet and exceed our communities’ needs.

Angelo Santabarbara is one of the most effective members of the Assembly in championing and protecting the concerns of his constituents. He is tireless in promoting cultural and economic development in our region and in protecting our communities from malevolent opportunism by those seeking to take advantage of the good and trusting nature of our communities for their own profit.

In 2017, a sewage sludge processing plant was proposed for Montgomery County – only the second one of its type and size – to import 150,000 tons of sewage sludge, significantly more than is produced locally. It would have exposed residents to potential spills, significant foul odors, and “fertilizer” of questionable safety. The only state or county official to make a public statement calling for caution was Assemblyman Santabarbara.

His response was measured, thoughtful, and appropriate. He proposed a statewide moratorium on such plants until longer term effects were better known. He leveraged his engineering experience, reviewed the topography and hydrology, and chose a direction after reviewing the facts. The company, rather than wait for a thorough independent review, cancelled their plans.

Lest this direction be thought over-careful, reports regarding glyphosate, formerly thought to be “relatively non-toxic,” came out a short time later. Glyphosate was declared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 as “not carcinogenic in humans.” However, this popular herbicide has now been found to accumulate dangerously in some breakfast cereals and has been linked to human cancers. This new concern over an old chemical shows how important it is use appropriate caution to understand how new products and chemical compositions interact with existing human and natural environments.

I am proud that Assemblyman Santabarbara was recognized by the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV), receiving a perfect score for his legislative work on environmental issues. I am even prouder that Angelo Santabarbara is our tireless advocate and represents our community in the State Assembly. I heartily support his candidacy and I encourage all in our community to vote on Nov. 6, and to join me in re-electing Assemblyman Santabarbara.