Michael Smrtic is highly qualified for judgeship

To the voters of Fulton County

In this upcoming election for Family Court judge, it is crucial to vote for the candidate who is the most qualified and most experienced for the position.

As a former Fulton County judge for 10 years and a Supreme Court justice for over 16 years, I understand the significance of this position and the effect this choice will have on the families in this county.

Fulton County Family Court is the busiest court in the county, handling over 1,000 cases a year, working to do just justice in the types of problems that affect the many families that come before it.

Michael Smrtic practices in Family Court on a weekly basis. In the past two years alone, Mike has handled over 100 family law cases in Fulton and Montgomery counties. Attorney Smrtic has been handling this number of cases for many years. Mike has gained the experience necessary to practice in this court.

Mike Smrtic has been deemed highly qualified by his peers in the legal field and by his clients.

Those endorsing Mike are real life testimonials by attorneys who have worked against and with Mike throughout his career, veterans who appreciate his values and commitment and, most importantly, his clients.

No other candidate has this level of support.

As Mike has appeared before me for many cases in court over the years, I know firsthand that Mike has a deep knowledge of the law.

Mike is the most qualified candidate in this race.

Please join me in supporting Michael W. Smrtic for Family Court judge on Sept. 13.


Former Fulton County judge and surrogate

Supreme Court judge retired