The Leader-Herald jumps to an unwarranted conclusion

This letter is in response to the editorial published on Sunday, July 29. The Leader-Herald’s attitude was that Trump’s critics had egg on their faces because the EU “appeared” to cave. Really? Appeared? And with that non-fact, and with absolutely no evidence, just a possibility, the Leader-Herald jumps to an unwarranted conclusion. A typical Republican response. Let’s look at this from a different angle.

Trump placed ill-advised tariffs on China, Canada, and the EU. They responded by placing tariffs on us. After a short time, farmers were not selling their crops such as grain and therefore losing money hand over fist. It was so bad, Trump had to use your tax dollars to bail out these farmers that the tariffs were supposed to help. Add to that Harley-Davidson laying off workers due to the tariffs and it looks more like Trumps’ idea back-fired.

With this in mind, just who caved? Trump said he would consider removing the steel and aluminum tariffs. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be he realized his tariffs idea failed? I see this as Trump is the one who “appears” to have caved and has egg on his face,

Just another failed policy from the Trump administration. What do you expect from a businessman that went bankrupt seven times.


St. Johnsville