The election is not about party loyalties, it is about ethics

When I met Tedra Cobb last August, it was immediately apparent to me that she is a person of ethics, commitment, and experience. I am the parent of a son with autism, and I work with people with disabilities, so disabilities rights are personal to me.

Tedra is not a big money corporate candidate. She lives in our area and has tremendous grassroots support from within our district. Everything that she does comes from the heart. I believe she has the ability to fight for our healthcare, our Social Security, our environment and our economy — all things that matter most to those of us in the Southern Adirondacks and in District 21.

Stefanik does not live in our area; she uses an address of her parents’ camp. She will not meet with her constituents (unless you already agree with everything she and her corporate bosses say). She has repeatedly voted for bills that will decimate healthcare and our environment. Just look at her record on these things — it is abysmal. She is now spreading outright lies about Tedra’s record and position. Tedra is not against the Second Amendment. Please go to www.tedracobbforcongress.org if you are interested in the truth.

This is not about party loyalties; this is literally about ethics and survival. Tedra Cobb will be an authentic representative for the real people of our area. Please join me in voting for Tedra Cobb for our representative to Congress in November.


21st District