Tedra Cobb will be a solid leader in Congress

If you are a local voter, chances are good that you voted for Donald Trump in November 2016. You may have voted for him because you liked his business experience and expected him get the economy working for everyone. You may have voted for him because he would disrupt the status quo and root out corruption in Washington. You may have voted for him because you liked the idea of “America First” or perhaps because you always vote Republican. And you may have voted for him because you couldn’t stomach the idea of President Hillary Clinton.

I’m guessing that you didn’t vote for him because you expected him to undermine our healthcare system without delivering on his promise of something better. I’m also betting you didn’t vote for him expecting him to sign off on a tax cut that mainly benefits the wealthy and large corporations with next to nothing for regular folks. I’m sure you didn’t vote for Trump expecting him to call white supremacists “very fine people” or because you expected him to cruelly tear children from their parents at our borders. And you certainly didn’t vote for him expecting him to express admiration for brutal dictators or behave submissively to Vladimir Putin.

Americans prefer divided government for good reason. We recognize that power which is unchecked can slide into extremism or corruption. Leaving Republicans in control of both Houses of Congress runs the risk that there will be no meaningful check on Donald Trump’s worst ideas and impulses. Representative Elise Stefanik, like most Republicans, has been unable to stand up to the president when it counts. She has voted with the Trump agenda 90 percent of the time. She is also a member of the House Intelligence Committee, which has utterly failed in its duty to perform an independent investigation of actions that threatened the integrity of our elections.

In New York’s 21st Congressional District we do have an excellent alternative to help insure that the powers of the presidency are not misused for personal gain or lack of impulse control. That alternative is Tedra Cobb. Tedra is running a true grassroots campaign with hundreds of volunteers and small dollar donations, unlike Rep. [Elise] Stefanik who relies on out-of-district, big money donors. Tedra Cobb will help insure that our system of checks and balances works when we most need it.