Stefanik will follow what her GOP masters tell her to do

Being born and raised in Gloversville, I have never seen a political movement with the local energy currently evolving from the Democratic Party. To my mind, there was one reason for this new local dynamism: Tedra Cobb is running against Elise Stefanik to be our House representative for New York 21. Cobb’s authenticity, honesty, integrity, and just plain commonsense was again on display at the Women’s Democatic picnic on Wednesday, Aug. 8. It was the latest of her many appearances in Fulton County. Other counties in our district have been similarly supported.

For anyone who has yet to decide how, or whether, to vote this November, consider Cobb’s opponent for a minute. Elise Stefanik has lots of outside money and makes many inaccurate statements about her positions. Her voting record tells a different story. Despite her environmentalist claims, three times she voted against pollution controls. She voted for a measure to forbid class action lawsuits, the only way left to keep corporations who harm consumers in line. She voted against paid overtime, and that would cut low-wage incomes. Yes, she voted against the Republican tax-giveaway bill. This was only because she encouraged her colleagues to vote for it and then voted against it once it was sure to pass.

Stefanik does whatever her Republican masters tell her to do, and then denies it. Republicans are just getting started with their dirty tricks. This is because the facts are aginst her. Go to to see the truth.