Our own town hall needs to be fixed to correct its blight

To whom it may concern:

Year after year, we have heard the word blight mentioned during town board meetings at Caroga Lake. Yes, there are some homes in the area that are in need of repair, and undoubtedly, they should be refurbished. However one must not overlook the blight here in the town hall building itself. Oh my, it is full of mold; it is in dire need of cleaning. The very old carpeting should be torn up and replaced with new carpets. The walls need to be washed and repainted; the windows need cleaning, etc.

Nothing much has been done to this building in many years and yet there are employees working there every day in this unhealthy atmosphere. As well, the public visits this building on a daily basis to conduct their business along with the young children engaging in various activities in the old auditorium. This unhealthy atmosphere is dangerous, to say the least. Let’s do something to correct this situation before someone becomes ill. It is the responsibility of the town board of directors and the supervisor to assure a healthy atmosphere for the Caroga Town Hall to continue to operate.

A concerned citizen.


Caroga Lake