Now is the time to fix stop before a child is hurt

This is an open letter to the Fulton County Highway Superintendent, the Board of Supervisors, Traffic Safety Board and the Buildings and Grounds Highway Committee.

Several requests, over the past year, have been made to the highway superintendent and committees to have the stop and stop bars repainted at the four-way intersection in Meco, near the Meco School. Many have witnessed drivers “sliding” through the intersection or just not stopping at all and near miss accidents. The signage at this intersection is terrible and it is understandable how people not familiar with the area may not even be aware that they need to stop at the bottom of the hill.

Now that the Meco School will be reopening as a PTech school, I sincerely hope that the highway superintendent sees some importance to repainting the stop and stop bars. The safety of our children should have some importance as well as the residents of Meco and other drivers who are aware that they need to come to a “full stop” at that intersection. It seems to me that there might be some time available before the snow flies.