Molinaro may seem like an answer, but he isn’t

Molinaro may seem like an alternative to Cuomo but the more you look at him the more alike they appear.

He uses words like “smaller government” but while county executive he grew the Dutchess County government spending from $393 million in 2013 to over $480 million in 2018.

He has no plans on repealing the SAFE Act, and his chosen running mate Killian actively campaigned for state Senate on a Pro-SAFE Act message just earlier this year.

He’s said he will introduce a plan called the “Albany Accountability Act” which would end pay-to-play corruption, yet refused to pass such rules for Dutchess County. As a result he has received over $400,000 in donations from companies that he in turn provided $109 million in county contracts.

He has said he will reinvigorate the economy yet has been in government power since he was a teenager and has never held a single real job.

He is the candidate the GOP has had to settle for, but he’s gone on the record as voting for someone else over Trump. He is the epitome of a RINO and more of a Cuomo-Lite.

The only candidate that will shrink government, pardon and repeal the SAFE Act, end corruption and will always act on principle is Larry Sharpe. On Aug. 7, Larry Sharpe will be in Schenectady at GottaVape at 1870 Altamont Ave., Schenectady, NY from noon to 2 p.m. and the Upstate Conservative Coalition at the Milton Community Center at 310 Northline Road, Ballston Spa, NY from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Learn more about the only principled candidate in the race at www.LarrySharpe.com.