Mike Smrtic is the right choice

The position of Family Court judge requires a thorough understanding of the law and experience working in the Family Court System. But equally as important are the attributes of integrity, compassion, ethics and understanding. Mike Smrtic is an experienced attorney who has spent many years working in what can unquestionably be called one of the most stressful courts of all. I have no doubt that Mike’s concern for his clients and his diligent representation of them will carry forward as Fulton County Family Court judge.

Having known Mike and his family for over 25 years I have seen his devotion to them which speaks to the man he is. He mirrors the same qualities of commitment and dedication to his family, community and profession as those of my late husband.

I strongly urge you to vote for the best candidate and elect Mike Smrtic as Fulton County Family Court judge. He will be a fair yet firm judge and an asset to the judiciary.