Michael Smrtic is a consummate professional

I was asked to document my experience as a local attorney who specializes and concentrates a large portion of my litigation practice on family law matters and matrimonial action.

I have three decades of experience and have handled, litigated, tried and/or negotiated well over 2,000 family court matters and matrimonial matters.

In my career, I have had the privilege of practicing law in our community, and many other communities throughout New York.

I have dealt with attorney Michael Smrtic on, I would estimate, well over a hundred family law matters and over 50 matrimonial matters.

I make no representation about the other candidate for Fulton County Family Court Judge, although I respect him also. However, I am personally familiar with attorney Smrtic’s qualifications having personally witnessed his zealous litigation on behalf of his clients in all aspects of family law and matrimonial law.

Attorney Smrtic is a consummate professional. His advocacy and hard work on behalf of his clients is well documented by anyone who has had the honor of being represented by attorney Smrtic or being in a courtroom with him.

His experience in Family Court and Supreme Court for matrimonial matters is extensive. I am confident his experience makes him highly qualified to serve our courts as a Family Court Judge for our great county.