If capitalism is so bad, why does everyone want to come here?

The Democratic socialists of this country are talking about free: health care, college, income equality, government jobs for everyone and the government running about everything in our lives. People better think twice about this — our government can’t even run the United States Postal Service, the V.A. or our own govenment usefully, administratively, financially and successfully. Private companies run themselves with tight oversight to be successful and being profitable. They have financial investment and worry about how well they perform in order to succeed. The government has no personal investment and is not worried about throwing away our taxpayers money. The former is called capitalism which made this country what is was and hopefully is coming back.

Our forefathers left Europe in hopes to find a New World. They wanted to be rid of paying taxes, give up their crops, goods and wares to their kings, queens and their royal hiearchy. They came to America and fought to be free of all of these bonds and start a country wth freedoms and liberties. And they won and were free to figure out a system of government that would be good for all the people in this new country. Ye, we have had some glitches, but, overall it has worked out very well. Every citizen has a chance for an education and then work hard to improve their way of life and to succeed to whatever level they want to be at.

These socialist Democrats and even most Democrats want to destroy everything that this country has accomplished. If the government controlled just about everything in our lives, then it would be just like our forefathers left Europe for. The government would be the king or queen and their royal hiearchy.

If capitalism is so bad, according to these Democrats, why are so many people from around the world trying to come here for citizenship legally or illegally?

If socialism is so good, why don’t they try a vacation to Venezueala?

God bless America; God bless you and God bless Donald J. Trump.