Global warming is real and we need to be pro-active

It’s summer, 2018, and the Northern Hemisphere is burning. Is this a surprise? Well, not to me. It’s just another indication of global warming and we can expect more to come in the future.

How hot is it? In our own area, we have been under “heat advisories” several times this summer, for consecutive days. Wildfires due to heat and drought are burning out of control in Greece, California, and within the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia, sending more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and burning forests which act as a “carbon sink,” sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere, thus increasing the rate of global warming. Dozens have died in Canada from heat-related illness. The morgues in Montreal have been overwhelmed, and the roof of Glasgow’s Science Center has melted.

Taking the whole planet into consideration, the Northern Hemisphere is warming faster than the Southern Hemisphere. Our northern coniferous forests, which play a large part in earth’s climate are burning at a rate not seen in the last 10,000 years. We have let this become a crisis.

What can you do? Write or call your Congressman, conserve fossil fuels, give up beef, vote for Tedra Cobb for Congress, and stand up for the climate by joining a demonstration on Sept. 8.