Get the facts before voting in November

When you enter your polling station in November, do not be deceived. Instead of being pulled in by deceptive political ads shown on television, get the facts straight. It is no longer a Republican or Democratic issue. This is well pointed out by the letter to the editor submitted by Patricia Levin in the Aug. 23, edition of The Leader-Herald titled “Incumbent is saying outright lies about opponent.”

Check the voting record of Elise Stefanik and you will find that she is working right along with the Paul Ryan agenda to undermine our Social Security and Medicare system. This is something that us working people have paid into. They are not entitlements. Not to be used for billionaire tax cuts or to be dipped in to. Check her voting record and you will see that she voted to cut funding to balance the budget. Make no mistake about it, Stefanik is not working for average Fulton County residents.

Another letter written by Matthew Vittucci also states that Stefanik follows the lead of her GOP masters. I believe Rep. Paul Ryan in particular.

Tedra Cobb is the right choice in November. I hope you join with me to help make sure special interests don’t steal what little we have already. You can go to to get the real facts.