Michael Smrtic is the most qualified for position

I have practiced family law in Fulton County for 29 years. I changed my party enrollment from Republican to Democrat back in 2008, so I will not be voting in this primary (although my husband is still an enrolled Republican and he can cast a vote), but as an attorney who appears in Family Court several times a week, the question of who is the most qualified and experienced candidate for Fulton County Family Court Judge has considerable importance for me. Attorney Michael Smrtic and I have been on the opposite sides of so many Family Court cases that I once described him to a friend as my “nemesis” 🙂 and we have not always been friendly, but there is no doubt that he has been extremely active in Family Court practice. I have seen far, far more of him in Family Court over the years than his opponent. Family Court is not like any other court, and I believe it is important that a Family Court judge should have extensive Family Court experience. If you are an enrolled Republican in Fulton County and have the opportunity to vote in this primary, I would recommend voting for the candidate who has spent the most time practicing in Family Court, and that is Michael W. Smrtic.