Efforts are being made to re-open Broadalbin Beach

Yesterday, I once again wrote to Robert Stegemann, Regional Director of the DEC in Ray Brook, Essex County, asking for a meeting to discuss the outlook for any future operation of a beach on the Sacandaga in town of Broadalbin. Several attempts to meet in the past year have not been successful.

Ever since taking office in January 2018, we have been trying to follow up on the proposition approved on the November 2017 ballot to explore renewed operation of a beach adjacent to the boat launch.

Our Beach Committee continues to work on a vision for environmental, operational and financial substantiability should it be possible to re-establish a town beach. Seven grant sources have been investigated as we sought to have zero start-up costs restoring the facilities.

Unfortunately, we now find ourselves in the position of being ineligible for most grants because we do not own the property, and “substantiability” is considered primary in grantors funding anything tangible.

Budget time is fast approaching, and we on the town of Broadalbin Town Board need to know whether expected revenues and projected expenses for operation of a beach in the year 2019 should even be considered.

We continue to stay positive as we once again reach out to the Regional Director of the DEC for a much needed discussion.



Town of Broadalbin