City being bled to death by political, economical forces

What to make of Johnstown’s council appeasing the county, “which desires a ‘regional water system'” (Leader-Herald) by allowing the county to pay city rates for water it then sends all over creation? What happen to the former 1.5 times rate? Is not the city being exploited by the emerging dominance of the county? Is not the city being bled to death by political if not economic forces the city residents are unaware of?

Well, maybe this is just the first step toward the consolidation of all small local governments into one giant overruling government. Then, the county will rid of us of all those expensive petty duchies and streamline how business will be done with one police force, one fire department, and one taxing entity. The two cities will just be high density pockets of no identity to which regional managers will be sent — all of which will lead to savings from lower public employee rolls and maybe the state will reward county leaders with a reward for their enterprise. A commanding state within the state, within the greater state.

But will all of this see the loss of the sense of democracy?

If so, the culprit will not be the county but the indifferent populace itself. In Johnstown’s first school budget election only 13 percent of eligibles voted. If the taxpayer does not care about such things, rest assured crafty individuals will.