Tedra Cobb is the best candidate for Congress

I am writing to express my support of Tedra Cobb’s candidacy in New York’s 21st Congressional District. I have met Tedra multiple times and believe she is not only qualified to lead professionally, but is an exemplary individual whose stable and steady voice is sorely needed.

Tedra was raised among foster children and as she put it “learned to share early on.” She believes in compromise and in term limits. Her driving mantra is one of compassion and also responsibility because she’s had to make difficult decisions in public office and in her personal life.

The most important aspect of being an effective representative is understanding how your decisions affect other people and Tedra not only promises to do that, she’s proving it in her accessibility and her willingness to listen to everybody. As she puts it “everybody has needs and concerns, and everybody deserves a seat at the table.” This is the essence of democracy, a government by the people and for the people.