Life is tough, but it is good

A few events:

We finally got to spring. Miracles never cease. Now, we all need to think of Mother Nature; are you? Are you leaving some flowers for the monarchs and other butterflies. No, a perfect lawn is not good.

No, you aren’t allergic to goldenrod; the pollen is heavy. It’s ragweed, pollen is light and goes with the wind.

Butterflies feed on goldenrod to build fat and energy to fly south; a lot of them have died. Stop killing these things. Stop. Herbicides and pesticides are killing us. Get your shovel and dig out the thistles.

Today I locked myself out of my house.

I’d been to St. Mary’s Hospital, had bronchitis, all so the week falls. I could barely make to let the ambulance people in. They were all wonderful.

We got to emergency room by then I said, “I can walk now.” They said, “no” and they wheeled me in.

I got out in the morning, am on prednisone and breather. I got home with friends.

It was quite a day, locked myself out of house; my neighbor and friend called 911 and the firemen got me in.

Thank you so much, everyone; so good.