God did everything the right way

Once again Memorial Day has come and gone. We watch the parade; maybe have our first picnic but do we really realize what it means?

It’s in honor of the men and women that were “willing” to risk their lives to protect this great country of ours.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if only a few were willing to join our Armed Forces? Not to mention our police departments and fire departments?

There are so many things we just take for granted. We assume things will just always work out.

Praise God that he fashioned us all differently. He knew what would be needed when he created this world of ours. He had everything all figured out at the very beginning.

The most important thing he did was to prepare a beautiful place called heaven where there would be nothing but joy and happiness forever and ever.

This is the wonderful place where all those who have accepted Jesus as their savior would go after their lives on earth come to an end.

Naturally he expects us to leave our sin behind. Some will do better than others but babies crawl before they walk.

No sensible person would “choose” a life of sin rather than the beauty and serenity of heaven with our savior.

Of course this is the point. Our only escape from sin is by receiving Jesus. Won’t you accept his offer? It’s free for the asking. Jesus actually died for you so that you might have a changed life and live forever with him.

It’s like a “clean shower” after wallowing in the mud.”

Sin destroys but accepting Jesus builds a brand new woman or man.

I know because he changed my life.

Salvation was God’s idea and his credentials are flawless.