Saddened by the resignation of state Attorney General, others

I was deeply saddened upon hearing of the recent departure of New York Attorney General, just as I was when Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York as well as Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota stepped down.

We now live in a seriously messed up society which will never be normal again. This whole ridiculous Me Too movement, if all were intensely investigated would find gold diggers abound. Now, because of “role play” accusation(s), our great man of action, Eric Schneiderman, has stepped down because of such accusations.

I believe that everyone has a right to engage in activity in their personal lives.

We have been fortunate to have at least four superb attorney generals in a row in New York state starting with H. Carl McCall, a black candidate who later ran unsuccessfully for governor while sadly, the do nothing incumbent, George Pataki won again.

I hate with a passion this insanity going on ever since the Weinstein thing and now everyone is a “victim” and this foolish country has become a politically correct reality show. The stars of the moment, the greedy people can say mostly lies and get money, make the talk show circuit and then make a 15 minute name of shame for themselves at the expense of a person, an actor, a politician, etc. without mercy.

It is disgusting and when you add to that, social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. has been outed and found to have played a part of the “election” of 2016 rigging and tainting through advertising. The Russians played their part and I still think Putin and the “president” are making like they are enemies, but truth be known, Putin holds something very evil and disgusting over him like the rumors circulating about a sexual encounter involving a minor plus there was that golden shower voyeurism in the motel.

The rest is our misery as a “president” has become Putin’s puppet and the country is destroyed by him along with his “administration.” One day in the future when WW III will be playing out across the pond and our sad and sick rise of hatred, ignorance and prejudice in this country is rising rapidly that it is very possible that an American Civil War II is within the realm of possibility.

In closing, I am seriously considering contacting my county Board of Electors remove my name off the registry. This poverty-stricken county could care less if there is one less Democrat voting. They never should have taken away the original voting machines as the new system is not infallible and being electronic, far more vulnerable to hacking, rigging, etc.

Time will tell come November if the country falls further into the abyss or allows the possibility of roadblocks to stymie a child in an old man’s body and his evildoers from destroying what good is left in this once great nation of America, like the irreplaceable National Parks. the environment and the wildlife. I doubt if God, himself, could turn this Titanic around but please, prove me wrong in November.




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