Elise Stefanik has never had our best interest in mind

The race for the 21st Congressional District of New York is coming up this coming November which incumbent Congresswoman, the honorable Elise Stefanik is running for a third term. But I, Joseph Benton, believe that it’s in the best interest of all registered voters that reside in the 21st Congressional District to vote the sitting legislator out of office. I know that I live in Fulton County, New York which is predominantly Republican. Congresswoman, Elise Stefanik might be a Republican, but has she ever done to make Fulton County or the rest of the area that she covers any better.

The answer is that she hasn’t.

For example, publicly Elise Stefanik has been calling for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to resign because of the ethic violations against him because misusing government funds for his own personal usage. But when some of Democratic colleagues in United States House of Representatives wrote a bill to remove Scott Pruitt from office, Congresswoman Stefanik will not co-sponsor the measure. My fellow citizens, the Congresswoman is all talk and no action! She is bought and paid for by billionaires Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch who are known as “the Koch Brothers” because they fund her congressional campaign, so she is deeply influenced on the way she votes on legislation by the Koch Brothers.

But, most importantly we want our representative in Washington to always listen to their constituents and not big business that fund their campaigns. With that, I want you, as the voter, to understand that the Congresswoman has never served at our best interest.

For the better good of the 21 Congressional District of New York, I encourage you to vote for whomever the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress is to send someone to Washington who will always look out for our best interests, not their very own! We deserve a dedicated public servant to serve us on Capital Hill.