The day Molly was attacked continues to haunt owner

As most pet owners will agree, their pet is like a family member. This is exactly how I feel about my dog Molly and why I’m sharing this story.

Molly is a 30 pound terrier-lab mix who enjoys taking walks in our neighborhood. On March 25, we took one of those walks down past Jansen Avenue School. It was one of the rare sunny days that we had this winter. As we walked past the school towards Briggs Street, a pit bull mix came around the side of the school and walked up to us. The dog was not on a leash and was not aggressive at first, but almost like a flip of a switch, the dog started attacking Molly. I tried to pull the dog off of her, but the dog kept on attacking and unfortunately there was no one around to help break the dogs apart. I was finally able to fight the dog off and eventually the owner approached after what felt like an eternity and pulled her dog away.

I rushed Molly to the vet’s office. She had multiple puncture wounds, abrasions and eventually required surgery. It has been about a month since the incident and after numerous visits to the vet, I am happy to report that Molly is finally on the mend and recovering well. I would like to thank Dr. Sharpe, Dr. Reindell, and the wonderful staff at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital. They provided great care to Molly.

Molly is a true example of resiliency. Her tail excitedly wags each time she sees the leash come out anticipating a walk. I can’t say the same for me. This has been one of the most terrifying and heart breaking experiences I have ever faced and I truly hope that I never have to experience anything like it again. The images of that day continue to run through my mind and I keep thinking, “I just wanted to take my dog for a walk.”

This could have been prevented if the other owner had been responsible and had leashed their dog (and in case you are wondering, the owner of the dog has never reached out to inquire about Molly’s condition).

I hope this reminds people of the importance of leashing their dogs especially near school grounds. I would hate for someone else to experience what we have experienced over the last month or God forbid, a child gets hurt next time.