Let’s appreciate what we have and have here

I imagine you’ve heard at least someone say “I don’t believe this weather! We’re supposed to have spring now.”

I don’t think these folks have noticed that there are those in other parts of our country who have endured tornatoes and hurricanes, lost their homes, not to mention their loved ones.

We’re so fortunate in New York state. We haven’t had to deal with desperate weather; maybe that’s why some of us act like spoiled brats so much of the time.

Suffering brings about endurance many times.

It also causes people to appreciate that they’re actually alive!

God must shake his head when he looks down and sees what some of his children, or I should say creations, are saying and doing.

You don’t actually become a child of God until you received Jesus, his son, as your Savior. In this way you show God that you are aware of and appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice on that cruel cross for us.

It’s great to be a Christian and know that nothing really has to defeat you.

With God as our father, we can receive his direction in conquering our greatest problems.

Also and most importantly he helps us to accept the good with joy and the bad graciously.

The world is going downhill quickly.

We need a hero and the only one big enough to help is Jesus, our Saviour.

Years ago I needed a Saviour and I know many of you do too. Really then we’ll accentuate the positive.