If a student is trying, let’s find another way to do this

I am so absolutely frustrated with Gloversville High School.

The school has a rule that students who are failing or behind in their school work cannot participate in certain events. With prom season around the corner and graduation coming soon, they are telling students, my son included, that they are not allowed to participate in their upcoming senior morp this Saturday if they are behind in their school work or failing classes.

Now, I absolutely understand the concept and I also feel that the students do have to own up and take responsibility for that as well; but  what I don’t understand is how do they think that by giving these kids the incentive to try really hard to be able to get there and then tell them they still failed.

My son tried.

But after his efforts, they turned around and told him that his efforts were for nothing because he didn’t meet their standards in time. So now these students get to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will never be able to do again. It is something they’ve looked forward to all their lives and a very important memory they would like to cherish forever.

I didn’t get to go to my prom, my morp, or my graduation and I am absolutely upset that I didn’t I wish that I had! 

I know that these children, my son included, are also going to be upset and regret the fact later on in life that they never got to experience these things nor will they ever have the chance to ever again in life.

We, as parents, have told them all their lives that these are going to be some of the biggest moments in their lives that you’re going experience! Now the time is here and they are denied that moment, that memory, that once in a lifetime experience all because the fact they struggled, didn’t understand, made a bad decision as all teenagers do or they didn’t get something done in time……  they can’t go.

I don’t think that’s right. I think that there should be other alternatives for them to be able to get caught up on their work; which they do need to be doing. They need to take responsibility, but I don’t think that they should be taking these opportunities away from our children.  They’re sending a message to our children that they’re not good enough — that they can’t experience this because you’re not smart enough;  because they’re not quick enough.

These types of consequences are only going to set back our children even more. Maybe this might be one of the multiple situations or issues that contribute to the reason why our school district — great old Gloversville Enlarged School District and Gloversville High School only graduate less than 60 percent of their student body. That’s saying something and I don’t think that it’s all on the kids.

I don’t think this is right and I’m gonna continue to fight it. 

I’m going to be, and I already have been, reaching out to the district superintendent, people on the Board of Education, the principal, the assistant principal.

They need to find other opportunities, other ways and other techniques to be able to reach our children, as the parents should as well, but I think by taking this away would possibly only discourage my son and others more and would be something that is definitely going to affect their lives later on or how they view their lives later.

Please let’s find another way.