Treatment of less fortunate determines democratic society

The measurement of a truly democratic society is how the community treats their less fortunate. Here in Fulton County, the United Way not only embraces that philosophy, but also aggressively steps forward to meet the challenges of the under employed and less fortunate working poor.

The United Way of Fulton County has organized itself to direct a campaign with a goal to raise $150,000 to fund more than a dozen human service programs that serve thousands in need in Fulton County.

Agencies whose programs receive United Way funding annually, through a grant/allocation process include: Catholic Charities (Emergency Assistance program); Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA); Family Counseling Center’s Domestic Violence Program; Foothills United Methodist Church Food Pantry; Glove Theatre (Childrens Summer Program); HFM Prevention Council (Alcohol and Addiction Prevention Education); Literacy New York of Fulton County (adult tutoring); Mental Health Association (Mental Health Education); St. John’s Episcopal Church (NOAH); The Salvation Army (Emergency Assistance/Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen); Senior Citizens Center of Gloversville and Fulton County (Breakfast Nook/Wednesday Noontime feeding program); Twin City Council of Churches (food pantry).

Our United Way, due to the generosity of the Soroptimists of Fulton County, belongs to the Good 360 program, and receives donations of household items from a retail store. We, in turn, are able to donate these items, by referral, to those in need. Thanks to the benevolence of yet another donor, United Way is able to provide personal hygiene items, as available.

The United Way Campaign relies on the support of corporate gifts, company and employee campaigns and residential giving. On rare occasion, the United Way is a recipient of an estate or trust gift.

To reach our goal, the United Way needs to increase corporate giving and enlist more local companies to run employee campaigns. We are hopeful that government and education entities will step forward in greater numbers than in the past.

Friends and neighbors living in Fulton County are encouraged to give to the United Way. Your campaign dollars stay in our community where we live, work and play.

To learn more about the United Way Campaign and/or programs, contact Executive Director Lisa Pfeiffer at (518) 725-9817 or to make a donation, you may mail your generous donation check to 110-112 North Main St., P.O. Box 911, Gloversville, NY 12078. Safe and secure online giving through the organization’s website is now available via credit card or Apple Pay at


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