Stubbornness can lead to harm

Bureaucracies are infamous for saying, “this is the way things are done and the way they’ve always been done” to explain ineptitude. But such intransigence can also harm.

One example of this historic stubbornness to change is a mile stretch along the Glebe Street Extension (Route 148) now a popular shortcut to avoid the maze of Fonda.

There are about 10 substantial houses on the highway. But their mail boxes are on the opposite side of the road. Thus, everyday, to gather mail, residents must dodge heavy speeding traffic.

A woman tells of her young stepson doing just that and being run down by a drunken driver. For the susequent 30 years, she has had to care for this victim.

In the 19th century when this delivery system may have been initiated, there was no traffic along the farm road. But this is the 21st century and cars speed along dangerously.

I wrote to the local postmaster suggesting he deliver on the house side. He might comply. But this is just another instance of a blinkered bureaucracy which often torments common sense.