Johnstown has hotel space available

After reading in the Monday, May 1, edition, the article titled “Businessman: Montgomery needs hotel,” businessman Dominic Wade “lamented” about there being no suitable accommodations here and having to ask his business clients to stay and dine in Albany, because there are no suitable places here to stay and dine.

It really annoyed me that he totally overlooked Johnstown (Fulton County), which is much closer than commuting round trip to Albany.

I guess my point is, even though currently the only accommodation in Amsterdam is the Super 8 at the Thruway, there’s always the Holiday Inn or Microtel in Johnstown.

Additionally, there are many fine restaurants in Amsterdam, Johnstown and Gloversville.

I remember back in the “old days,” back in the 1960s when clients from around the world came to meet with my father at the tannery, they stayed in the Johnstown Hotel and dined locally.

You never heard of anyone going to stay or dine in Albany, we kept it local.

It’s clearly time to support our immediate area, keep our money here, and make this area great again.

Mr. Wade, there’s always Johnstown until Amsterdam builds a suitable hotel.

It drives me crazy that people here in the immediate area are campaigning to make Fulton and Montgomery counties great again, but on the flip side of the coin, don’t give it a second thought to hop on the Thruway and take their business to Albany.