So much gratitude for being honored

I cannot find the appropriate words to express my sincere gratitude to those involved in planning, preparing and presenting the tremendous honor I received the evening of Nov. 22 at city hall. It is something I will remember and deeply appreciate for the remainder of my life.

I am also extremely grateful to the members of my family, friends, former co-workers and colleagues, city officials and news media people who were at city hall for the presentation, as well as those of you who have since commented via email, on FaceBook or called me on the telephone.

At the risk of not including someone, I will not attempt to name all of those, both within and outside the law enforcement and criminal justice communities, who befriended, mentored and encouraged me along the way. Suffice it to say, “one does not get to this point all alone.”

As you can imagine, I am very proud to have been a member of both the Gloversville Police Department and the New York State Police and would not hesitate to do it all again.

Thank you.



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