‘Shovel ready’ for farms, not business

This is my impact statement.

I beg your indulgence in what’s to follow.

God is not making anymore land, so can we think about saving the 263 acres intended for the regional business park since we already have 500 waiting to be developed at Tryon?

I have to believe that there can’t be more than 10 people that are interested in developing another industrial park.

John Evers, one of the advisors speaking at the 10-year economic strategy meeting, pointed out that Fulton County’s efforts for creating jobs and secondary schools can provide a good workforce. Then he referred to Tryon.

He talked about improving the environment, promoting tourism and tending to the crumbling infrastructure. But,  I did not hear any mention of the business park as a great idea.

I’m just asking, with 500 acres at Tryon, how many balls in the air can we handle? Why can’t the concentration be for the development of the area from South Kingsboro to Harrison Street — where the growth has already begun.

To turn 263 acres of farmland into a roadway of cars, trucks, noise. Think of the affect on all those people that live in that peaceful environment. Please give it more thought. We have the area to develop in progress. We don’t need more “shovel ready” land to be destroyed.

Is this a decision to be made by just a few, or a people’s decision?




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